Technical Specification

End Carriages & Travel Drives

  • The crane is of advanced modular design incorporating a fabricated plate box beams to folded plate or RHS type end carriages.
  • Each end carriage is line bored and houses two long-life spherodial graphite cast iron double flange wheels running on anti-friction roller bearings.
  • Smooth operation & handling of the travel motion is achieved by the use of direct drive motor and gearbox with inverter control.

Crane Main Control Panel

  • The IP55 control panel is suspended from top of crane girder or end carriage for safe access.
  • Each pair of reversing contactors is both electrically and mechanically interlocked.
  • The crane is protected by HRC fuses.

Control Pendant Or Remote

  • The crane can be controlled by a Flex series hand held remote system. (Further Information can be found on the following link: Radio Control System).
  • The radio control or backup pendant are supplied with a multi pin, quick release plug and socket for easy removal.
  • All motions of the crane are operated by dual pressure push buttons.

Travel Motion Limit Switches

  • If the crane is controlled via remote control unit, we also include slow down limit switches on the long & cross travel motions as required by Australian Standards.
  • Standard operation is fast to slow speed prior to reaching end stops.

Crane Anti Collision

  • Is used if two or more cranes operate on the same runway.
  • Each crane will be fitted with a photo-electric anti-collision system to inhibit cranes from colliding at fast speed.
  • This allows them to come together in slow speed only.

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