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K Class Lifting Equipment in Melbourne

When you’re on the hunt for mobile lifting gantry in Melbourne, you’ll likely come across a wide range of cranes and machines that require a multitude of optional extras to enable you to get the most from your lifting equipment. At Modular Cranes, we do things a little differently. We present our K Class range of lifting equipment, which comes with all the features as standard that our competitors offer as optional extras. Truly setting the benchmark for excellence to which our competitors aspire to meet, the K Class range delivers genuine value for money through a winning combination of safety and operational features.

Mobile Lifting Gantry Features

Go to almost any other competitor for mobile lifting gantry in Melbourne and you’re likely to be provided with lifting equipment that is functional and will certainly help you get the job done, but will leave you feeling like it should be able to do more. Our K-Class equipment comes stacked with standard features that others would consider optional extras, including:

  • Cross travel motion slow down limit switch
  • Long travel motion slow down limit switch
  • Fast to slow speed limit switch in up motion
  • Stepless speed control on cross travel motion
  • Stepless speed control on long travel motion
  • Data logging and safety monitoring device
  • Hoist overload device
  • Hook operated safety limit switch
  • Fall protection for long travel drives
  • Flashing light
  • Horn
  • Hand held remote control system
  • Hook block operated safety limit switch

With superior performance, functionality and safety in mind, the K Class range of lifting equipment in Melbourne makes light work of even the most difficult lifting tasks. Experience the difference for yourself.

The Safety, Efficiency and Effectiveness of Our Lifting Equipment in Melbourne

The importance of safety is indisputable when it comes to any heavy machinery, but almost as important is the equipment’s performance. You wouldn’t take on a highly inefficient or ineffective employee as part of your staff, so why would you do the same with the machinery you use? When you purchase our mobile lifting gantry or any other piece of lifting equipment, you can rest assured that the core principles of safety, efficiency and effectiveness are integral to the design of the machinery and will result in a smoother running workplace.

To learn more about our K Class lifting equipment in Melbourne, get in touch with Modular Cranes today.

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