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Underslung cranes are an excellent solution when supporting structures underneath the crane is not a viable option. This is because these cranes are fitted to the ceiling instead of being free-standing or attached to building columns. Underslung cranes utilise the full building width. This makes them an excellent solution for tight spaces or challenging working environments where other cranes may not be feasible.

Underslung Crane Function

Underslung cranes can be ceiling mounted because they are dramatically lighter than most other crane systems. Their lighter weight means that they are usually only available in smaller capacities. If you have heavy-duty loads, consider installing a different crane system.

Before installing an underslung crane, you must ensure that the supporting roof can endure the combined weight of the crane itself as well as the load. Therefore, you must consult with our team to ensure all specifications are met before making any final purchasing decision. Our expert engineers can determine the best course of action for your worksite and situation.

By attaching the crane to the ceiling, this crane eliminates any need for additional supporting structures. This means you can install the crane in any location you desire on your worksite and are not held back by obstacles on the floor.

You may decide to go with an underslung crane because they allow for hoists to operate close to the end carriage or end of the beam. Underslung cranes also allow the crane beam to get closer to the factory wall. Overall, these cranes are great to maximise the floor space available in your worksite, allowing you to utilise the entire floor for your production without being impeded by crane structural support systems.

Underslung cranes have low operation and maintenance costs. They also offer smooth handling and precise positioning of loads. Our components and accompanying technology are user friendly and optimised for efficient load handling.

Like all our other options, our underslung cranes are available in a range of customisation options to meet customer requirements. Underslung cranes allow for optimum utilisation of height and space. This makes them suitable for installation in existing structures without needing to make extensive structural changes or additions. Our specialists can construct the perfect underslung crane based on the specifications of your worksite.

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