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Free Standing Light Cranes

Free-standing light cranes are ideal for smaller workstation cells where there is only one operator on hand. These cranes are versatile and can be extended and relocated depending on the lifting requirements. They are also perfectly suitable for manual handling and transferring materials short distances. With a loading capacity of up to 2 tonnes and a span of up to 10.3 meters, these free-standing light cranes will improve the productivity in your worksite, especially for smaller scale, more intricate projects. At Gantry Crane, we supply and manufacture free-standing light cranes for all your lifting and hoisting solutions.


A free standing light crane refers to a bridge crane that has its own support frame. Whether you choose an aluminium or steel light crane, each utilises an enclosed track that is high in strength and low in weight. A free standing light crane contains standard configurations, with a lifting capacity of 250kg-2 tonnes, a span of 6m-10.3m, and a lifting height of 6m-9m. For more information on the structure of a free standing light crane, contact our team today.

Free Standing Light Crane Advantages

There are many benefits associated with the implementation of free standing light cranes into your workstation. These include:

With a free standing light crane in your workstation, you can easily lift and hoist heavy loads from one location to another. This manual lifting crane allows for lifting within tighter areas but at an efficient speed. Therefore, your worksite will become more productive.

At Gantry Crane, your safety is our number one priority. Therefore, we ensure that all our cranes, including our free standing light crane, meets all safety checks and regulations. No matter what kind of hoist you opt for, we guarantee that your operators and employees will remain safe throughout the lifting and unloading process.

The free standing light crane comes with a choice of either manual or electric hoists – meaning that the ease of movement is completely dependent on your preference and what best suits your working environment. For improved positioning and the ease of moving materials from one location to another, choose our free standing light cranes.

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