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The Flex Ex radio remote controls are a cost-effective solution to crane remotes. They are adaptable and reliable and designed to be ergonomic and lightweight. Flex Ex radio remotes are available in 4, 6, 8, and 12 button style options to meet all your needs. They boast a wide range of features and functions.

  • Microprocessor controls with 32 bit CRC and Hamming Code ensure efficient, safe, precise and accurate encoding and decoding
  • Over 200 programmable functions will suit all types of applications
  • Flex Ex spare or replacement transmitters can be paired wirelessly
  • Over 100 hours of operation with two AA batteries
  • Pushbuttons have gold-plated contacts and are rated for over one million press cycles
  • Snap-action steps of pushbuttons provide feedback even with gloves
  • Transmitter cases are made from industrial-strength nylon and fibreglass materials to combine comfort and durability
  • Easy to read labels are located next to the pushbuttons for added visibility and durability
  • IP66 rated enclosures to protect the radios from all indoor or outdoor environments
  • Many available accessories provide extra protection and flexibility. Accessories include: protective rubber transmitter boots, padded transmitter case, retractable belt clip and horn kit.
  • 62 user-programmable channels
  • Each system has over one million unique identification codes with zero repeats

Flex Ex Receivers

All Flex Ex receivers are designed with field installation and serviceability in mind. Receivers come prewired and with mounting hardware to provide fast and easy installation. System status information is easy to obtain with onboard diagnostic and output LEDs; great for installing and troubleshooting on the field. All components are easily accessible and replaceable in the field.

Speciality Modes

Flex Ex are available with special operational functions to provide even more options.

A three-position selector switch allows an operator to switch functions between two trolleys or hoists located on a single bridge. The operator can identify which hoist is active by the position of the switch.

This allows two operators to control two bridge cranes or trolley/hoists separately or simultaneously with the three-position selector switch.

This option allows one operator to select multiple receiver units at once. One operator can control up to two bridges and four trolley/hoists at the same time.

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