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At Gantry Crane, we supply light cranes that allow you to transport loads overhead with ease and maximum safety. These overhead crane systems provide a smooth and quiet ride for your loads as they move through your workspace. Light crane systems are designed to suit specific applications that benefit from lightweight lifting systems. They use a powerful yet lightweight material, often steel or aluminium, to lift your loads, and are recognised as being a cost-effective but robust choice for many worksites.

An ideal lightweight choice for any construction or manufacturing worksite, Gantry Crane’s light crane systems function safely and efficiently with little effort required.

Custom Crane Solutions

Like other Gantry Crane products, our modular light crane systems can be designed and manufactured to suit your requirements. We make finding the right light crane easy and fuss-free.

Gantry Crane offers light cranes in two main options: free-standing light cranes and ceiling mounted light cranes. Our light cranes are available in different sizes, with varying load capabilities. Numerous configurations, including monorail, single or double girder cranes, means that we can build a light crane to suit your specific application.

Each of our cranes is produced in a modular form, allowing you to customise the crane according to your workplace needs.

Free-standing light cranes are supported from a free-standing steelwork support structure. For each working area, a specific support structure is designed and fabricated based on the environment. The support structure is often bolted directly on the floor but can also be partially suspended from adjacent walls or overhanging beams. Free-standing light cranes are generally used when the ceiling isn’t strong enough to support the crane’s weight and load.

Ceiling mounted cranes are an ideal solution in situations where there may be limited floor space. The light crane can be suspended directly from the ceiling, or you may drop it down from building support beams. An advantage of this light crane is that the floor space underneath can be kept free of supporting structures, allowing full and free movement underneath the crane itself. They are great for smaller workplaces that are unable to give up precious floor space.

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