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Flex Eco radio remote controls are designed to control industrial machineries such as overhead cranes, jib cranes, gantry cranes, and other material lifting equipment where wireless control is desired. These durable radios are well suited in lifting applications, including chain hoists and small cranes, and are available in 4, 6, 8, and 12 button options.

Flex Eco Key Features

The Flex Eco has dual advanced microprocessor controls with 32bit CRC and Hamming Code, providing fast, safe, precise and error-free encoding and decoding.

Each Flex Ecosystem has over one million unique ID codes with no repeats.

The Flex Eco offers two-way communication between the receiver and the transmitter and between two receivers, with status feedback.

With synthesised RF controls, you can set 62 built-in channels via pushbuttons and dipswitches. When the transmitter channel is changed, the receiver channel is automatically changed as well.

You can transfer system information between the receiver and transmitter or between two transmitters, all entirely wirelessly.

The pushbuttons on the Flex Eco are guaranteed for over one million press cycles.

The enclosures of the transmitter and receiver are ultra-rugged, made from industrial strength nylon and fibreglass composite. They all meet IP66 requirements and are resistant to dirt, liquid, acid, alkali, grease and oil penetration.

The Flex Eco transmitter and receivers are lightweight for ease of operation.

The optional transmitter access card feature prevents any unauthorised personnel from operating the system. It can also be programmed to unlock specific functions for specific users, allowing only qualified users to operate certain functions.

The transmitter only requires two AA batteries and lasts for up to 150 hours of operation.

All functions are easily set via pushbuttons, dipswitches, and jumpers.

Flex Eco Operations

This function allows two operators to control the crane from opposite ends. This mode of operation comes standard equipped.

This allows one operator to control two cranes at the same time. A separate tandem output is provided for the external tandem box connection.

This operation allows multiple operators to control multiple cranes on a first-come, first-served basis.

This function allows one operator to control up to ten receivers or equipment at the same time.

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