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Crane remotes or wireless crane radio control systems are ideal for helping the operator gain a better view of their surrounding environment. Therefore, wireless remotes allow employees to control the crane from a safe distance rather than being stationed between heavy loads. At Gantry Crane, we are dedicated to providing all industrial worksites with effectively functioning crane remotes to improve overall performance and enhance your lifting solutions.

At Gantry Crane, we distribute the Flex range of crane remotes which are manufactured by Advanced Radiotech Corporation (ARC). These crane remotes are the preferred choice of clients for many industries as it makes for a more automated, and easier process for handling your cranes and lifting equipment.

The Flex Ex crane remote is lightweight and ergonomic while providing safe and reliable control options. It includes an automatic channel scanning receiver and programmable system functions which allow it to support multiple applications.

The Flex Handy is ultra-durable and extremely compact. It allows for easy operation and installation into any industrial worksite. It also comes with a unique mounting bracket for easy mounting and dismounting whenever required. This crane remote possesses full system compatibility.

The Flex Eco is compact and contains 62 user-programmable channels for varied operations. We guarantee full system capability with the choice of either four, six, eight or twelve push buttons.

The Flex Mini is a compact and lightweight crane remote. It comes with 32 user-programmable channels for more precise and contained lifting requirements. However, it also contains advanced controls and reliable pushbuttons for crane solutions.

Unlike the other crane remotes in the Flex series, the Flex JX contains a reliable joystick for the choice of both digital and analogue use. It is lightweight, reliable, and allows for automatic channel scanning.

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