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For any industrial application, the Flex JX radio remote is an excellent option for many businesses. Available in a digital and analogue version, there’s an option for different purposes.

Digital Version: two dual-axis 2-5 step joysticks, two buttons or rocker switches, start button, stop button and power key switch.

Analogue Version: two dual-axis step-less joysticks, two buttons or rocker switches, start button, stop button and power key switch.

Flex JX Features

The Flex JX is capable of two-way communication between the transmitter and receiver.

All settings and system status information is displayed on the LCD screen on the transmitter and receiver.

The transmitter is embedded with a tilt switch to guard against accidental crane movements when the transmitter is dropped by the operator or tilted beyond a pre-programmed angle.

The transmitter has a Goretex vent to prevent water/vapour buildup inside the transmitter enclosure.

The transmitter is equipped with infrared sensors to use for infrared system startup and infrared range limiting operations.

The Flex JX has 62 user-programmable channels set directly via the LCD screen.

The receiver can search and lock onto transmitter channels.

The Flex JX system has over one million unique identification codes and never repeats them.

The Flex JX remote utilises dual microprocessor controls with 32 bit CRC and Hamming Code, providing ultra-fast, safe, precise and error-free encoding and decoding.

The I-CHIP is similar to a SIM Card. You can transfer information easily between transmitters.

The joysticks are rated for more than five million cycles. They provide feedback even when wearing gloves. The design also allows easy switching between analogy and digital outputs.

All enclosures on the transmitter and receiver are made from industrial-strength nylon and fibreglass composite materials. They are rated for IP-66 requirements and resist dirt, liquid, acid, grease and oil penetration.

The transmitter offers more than 30 hours of operation between charges.

Flex JX Operations

This standard equipped function allows two operators to control from opposite ends of the crane.

This optional function allows one operator to control two cranes simultaneously via a tandem key switch.

This optional function allows multiple operators to control random cranes on a first-come, first-served basis.

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