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At Gantry Crane, we offer a range of services to ensure your cranes and lifting equipment perform at their best. With constant usage within the everyday worksite, it is only natural for cranes to weaken over time. However, our team at Gantry Crane will have your lifting equipment running as well as new with the proper crane maintenance and repairs. We provide our customers with a series of specialised services – each suited to rectifying any lifting issues and ensuring your business operations are not disrupted. When you need fast, reliable servicing from a team of professionals, contact our experts today.

We offer a comprehensive breakdown service for any issues you may be experiencing with your cranes. Whether it’s something simple like a fault or a more complex issue, such as the entire crane has stopped working, we will dissect the issue and find the appropriate solution.

To ensure your lifting equipment continues to perform properly, it is best to repair any damage to your cranes as soon as it is noticed. Our team are experienced in evaluating and repairing all crane components, including hoists. For fast and effective repairs, choose our experts today.

Technology is constantly updating the way we utilise and build cranes. Therefore, your worksite must upgrade its lifting equipment depending on how efficiently it performs. We have the appropriate tools and skills to upgrade your old cranes into a system that runs efficiently and gets the job done faster. For more information on how we upgrade cranes, contact us.

The only way to detect any serious issues with your cranes is by completing a comprehensive assessment and inspection. Through this process, our experts will evaluate your worksite’s performance and productivity, as well as how safe employees are during the lifting and hoisting procedure. Avoid downtime and prevent any major issues from occurring with our assessment services.

As your cranes start to age, you must get them inspected to ensure they still adhere to Australian standards and comply with all safety regulations. We carry out end of life inspections for all types of cranes, including jib, gantry, and overhead.

Sometimes, parts of the crane may deteriorate over time and stop working. When this occurs, it’s important to seek out spare parts that will perfectly match your crane. At Gantry Crane, we can do this for you. We will source spare parts to ensure your crane is always working properly.

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    Gantry Cranes are committed to providing a complete level of service for our customers. Contact us by calling 1300 663 8527 today for more information about our equipment and services.

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