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Gantry Crane is a leading jib crane manufacturer; our customers know we have the top jib crane offerings in Australia. Our team is committed to working with you to understand your needs and provide you with a crane system that best suits your application.

Jib Crane Construction

Jib cranes have a horizontal arm, commonly known as a jib. The jib extends from the crane and supports a moveable hoist. These cranes can be fixed to a wall or ground through a mounted pillar.

Jib cranes offer flexibility in their installation and are easily moveable throughout the worksite without too much hassle. Our jib cranes can be customised for different projects and weight loads, depending on your specifications. They have a maximum capacity of up to 3.2 tonnes and can be up to 6 metres in length. Our jib cranes also have a full 360 degrees range of motion, providing versatile lifting and radial travel.

Here at Gantry Crane, we offer Free Standing Jib Cranes and Wall/Column Mounted Jib Cranes. When choosing which jib crane is right for you, there are a few essential considerations.

  • Area of rotation: while free-standing jib cranes have a slewing range of 360 degrees, wall-mounted cranes offer 200 degrees rotation.
  • Jib Height: how much distance is required between the floor and the underside of the jib crane’s arm. Other factors to consider are hoist size and lifting height.
  • Overall jib crane height: when considering the overall crane’s height, you must consider that the jib crane needs to be free from overhead obstructions.
  • Power requirements: consider whether the motor drive, trolley or hoist requires any power.

Free-standing jib cranes are constructed directly on the floor without any extra support to keep them upright. To maintain stability, free-standing jib cranes are fixed to a square foundation base. This jib crane provides the maximum range of span and control and doesn’t need an extra support wall for its operation.

Wall/column mounted jib cranes are fixed to a wall or column. They are a low-cost option, and the installation does not require any modifications to the building, as long as you have a wall or post strong enough and close enough to your worksite. The height available for this form of jib crane is only limited to the height of the building itself.

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