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Flex Handy Crane Remote

Gantry Crane is a proud supplier of Advanced Radiotech Corporation’s (ARC) Flex crane remote series. Wireless crane radio control systems are a safer, more effective way of controlling your lifting and crane equipment. This is because when controlling the crane from a safe distance, the operator not only gets a better view of the worksite but is also guaranteed to stay safe throughout the lifting procedure. The Flex Handy crane remote is an ergonomic, compact, and lightweight remote that can perform all controls and functions.

Flex Handy Features

The Flex Handy includes a series of advanced controls such as a dual microprocessor to provide fast, safe, reliable, and error-free encoding and decoding.

With over one million unique ID codes, every Flex Handy system contains its own unique ID code which is never repeated.

The Flex Handy is capable of two-way communication between the transmitter and receiver. This allows for status feedback and easy communication throughout the lifting, hoisting, loading, and unloading process.

The Flex Handy contains 62 built-in user-programmable channels that can be set by using pushbuttons and dipswitches. Due to the two-way communication feature, when the channel on the transmitter is changed, the receiver’s channel is changed accordingly.

Any system information can be transferred wirelessly between two transmitters or between a transmitter and a receiver to make the process more convenient. This bypasses the hassle of having to reset any spares.

The Flex Handy contains two main pushbuttons for control purposes. These pushbuttons are reliable and ultra-durable and can be continuously used for more than one million press cycles.

Both the transmitter and receiver of the Flex Handy are ergonomically designed – meaning that they are both compact and lightweight. This allows for easy operation and installation whenever necessary.

The Flex Handy is an environmentally friendly method of wirelessly controlling cranes and lifting equipment. The transmitter simply requires two ‘AA’ batteries and will operate for more than 150 hours. You can also use a rechargeable battery if it is preferred.

The Flex Handy can be updated and upgraded with a series of labels and accessories. This includes a vinyl casing, a removable mounting bracket, belt clip, ring hook, and much more. To find out more about the labels and accessories we offer for the Flex Handy, contact us today.

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