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Like the other crane remotes in the Flex series, the Flex Mini contains the same features but in a miniature system. Wireless crane radio control systems are a safer, more effective way of controlling heavy load lifting and can be more convenient in operating an industrial workspace. However, Flex Mini possesses all features found in other Flex systems on a smaller, more compact scale. For high-quality wireless control lifting remotes, choose our team at Gantry Crane to help you find the best one for your operations.

Flex Mini Features

The Flex Mini contains a sequence of enhanced controls such as a dual microprocessor to deliver high-speed, secure, consistent, and accurate encoding and decoding.

With more than one million unique ID codes, every Flex Mini remote contains its individual ID code, which will never be replicated.

The Flex Mini includes 32 built-in user-programmable channels that can be set and altered by using push buttons. This is a smaller range compared to other remotes in the Flex series.

To make the method more accessible, any data from the system can be transmitted wirelessly between two transmitters or between a transmitter and a receiver. This avoids the stress of having to reset any spares.

The Flex Handy contains eight pushbuttons as control functions. These pushbuttons are unfailing and ultra-resilient and can be continuously used for more than five million press cycles.

Both the transmitter and receiver of the Flex Mini are ergonomically designed for a compact and lightweight feel. This always allows for effortless operation and installation.

The receiver of the Flex Mini includes a unique mounting bracket which is designed especially for this system. It allows for easy mounting and dismounting.

The Flex Mini has a range of additional features which will make it a great asset to your industrial worksite. Whether you want to enhance your lifting, hoisting or crane solutions, adding a wireless remote to your operations will make loading and unloading processes more efficient and safer for your employees. For more information on the benefits and features of the Flex Mini, contact our team at Gantry Crane today.

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