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The best way to reduce unwanted downtime for your industrial worksite is through comprehensive and regular assessments of your equipment. At Gantry Crane, our assessment process is thorough and carefully constructed. We evaluate your worksite’s performance and productivity in connection to the safety and protection of your employees during the lifting operation. To ensure your processes run smoothly, and to avoid any major issues from occurring, choose Gantry Crane to conduct your assessments.


A free standing light crane refers to a bridge crane that has its own support frame. Whether you choose an aluminium or steel light crane, each utilises an enclosed track that is high in strength and low in weight. A free standing light crane contains standard configurations, with a lifting capacity of 250kg-2 tonnes, a span of 6m-10.3m, and a lifting height of 6m-9m. For more information on the structure of a free standing light crane, contact our team today.

Our Assessment Services

During our assessment services, we conduct a variety of tests and checks. This includes managing safety and work health operations, identifying potential risks to your worksite or employees, and understanding how to take the right action to control the risk.

We specialise in risk assessments and check for the most common crane hazards as well as potential issues in your specific worksite. Common hazards include:

  • Falling loads
  • Electrical dangers
  • Crane overload
  • Much more

Once our team has identified potential risks and hazards in your worksite, we will compile a list of solutions that can be implemented as suitable risk control measures. Understanding potential hazards in the workplace and finding appropriate solutions can positively impact your lifting operations in the long term. For example, risk control measures can save your unplanned worksite downtime, reduce any major safety threats, and lower the overall cost of repairs and maintenance.

When you choose Gantry Crane, you will be choosing a team of professionals who conduct equipment assessments to reduce unexpected downtime and improve overall lifting productivity.

By choosing us for your equipment assessments, you will be:

  • Avoiding unnecessary downtime
  • Expanding levels of efficiency
  • Detecting any dangers related to your lifting gear
  • Reduce interruptions and lower costs
  • Decrease the price of servicing
  • Expand the total life span of your crane
  • Upholding compliance with Australian Standard requirements – including for operational health and safety

At Gantry Crane, we offer fast and reliable assessment services for all types of cranes and hoists. For more information on why you should choose us, contact us today.

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    We are experts at identifying potential risks with your lifting equipment and work hard to solve these issues so that your operations run safely, productively and garner the best results possible. For more information on our assessment services, contact us today or call us on 1300 663 8527.

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