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End of Life Inspection

It is crucial for your crane’s performance and the safety of your workers to comply with services and inspections. At our end of life inspections, Gantry Crane technicians can determine whether your crane is due for significant service or if it may have an extended life. We will also let you know whether it is more economical to proceed with a full service or a cost-saving alternative.

When is end of life?

The end of life of a crane is based on safety and economics. If you can no longer operate a crane safely, the crane needs to be replaced. In terms of economics, if the cost to maintain or repair a crane is greater than the benefits of replacements, it is probably more beneficial to replace the crane entirely.

Cranes are designed with an intended design life, which determines how many years the crane can perform safely and efficiently. Each time your crane performs a work cycle moving a load from point A to B, the crane structure and its components experience stress. Over time, this will degrade and deteriorate your crane’s function. Your crane and its components may need repair or replacement to ensure that your crane system is still working safely.

Australian Standards
According to the Australian Standard for cranes, hoists and winches (AS2550.1-2002), all cranes must be inspected at the end of their designed life. If this is unknown, inspections must be carried out at 25 years for the crane structure and 10 years for the mechanical components such as the hoists.

Adhering to these standards is critical for any business that is serious about its employees’ safety and the ongoing performance of its cranes and hoists. With Gantry Crane, you can be confident that Australian Standards obligations are being met with all our inspections.

The end of life inspection will be extremely comprehensive. Our technician will inspect for wear, fatigue and cracking on all crane components critical to its operation and use. The inspection will include both structural and mechanical elements.

Maintenance records should be kept for all cranes to help determine which components have reached their end of design life at the time of section.

When scheduling your inspection, make sure to schedule well in advance to avoid production disruptions. Also, extra time should be accounted for any consequential repairs.

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