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Free Standing Jib Cranes

A free-standing jib crane is directly fixed onto the floor and is utilised to support a moveable hoist that will complete all heavy lifting forms. Choosing a jib crane is an efficient and cost-effective way of handling your materials and effortlessly operating your worksite. As an easy to operate system with extreme versatility, lifting your materials becomes easier with a solid, free-standing jib crane. When your worksite needs to upgrade its lifting systems, choose our team at Gantry Crane to supply you with the best free-standing jib cranes on the market.

Free Standing Jib Crane Structure

A free-standing jib crane is designed with a horizontal beam as an arm (this is known as the jib) and supports a moveable hoist. To ensure its stability, a free-standing jib crane is fixed to a square foundation base on the floor, however, it does not require any further support.

A free-standing jib crane’s structural components include a top column, low column, main girder and pole, electric hoist, a rotation mechanism, and an electrical system. It is best to control your free-standing jib crane with one of our Flex crane remotes.

Advantages Of Free Standing Jib Cranes

When enhancing your lifting and hoisting solutions, you must choose a crane best suited for your industrial location and lifting needs. Jib cranes are highly versatile and perfect for various worksite applications. Hence, choosing a freestanding jib crane for your lifting requirements comes with a range of added advantages, including:

  • Enhanced safety
  • A cost-effective lifting system
  • Intricate yet compact structure
  • Easy to operate
  • Reliable and versatile
  • Easily fixed to the floor
  • Provides an optimal range of span
  • Controlled through a crane remote

Free standing jib cranes are designed for work areas that require heavy-duty lifting and high production processes. They are the ideal solution for 360-degree lifting solutions as they can be rotated to place consistent and accurate loads in their correct positions. For more information on the advantages of jib cranes, contact our team today.

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