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NWH Electric Wire Rope Hoists

Created by Novocranes, the NWH series of Electric Wire Rope Hoists provides you with effective logistics, assured reliability and rigorous safety operation. The NWH Electric Wire Rope Hoists have a lifting capacity of between 1 and 100 tonnes. Depending on the structural layout, these versatile hoists can be grouped as fixed type, single or double girder. The NWH Electric Wire Rope Hoist is sure to be your ideal solution for all lifting: light, medium or heavy-duty.

Features and benefits

NWH Electric Wire Rope Hoists can cover the entire working range, maximising the utilisation of your workspace. If the hoist’s specifications can be adopted during the building structure design, we can minimise the load resistance and height requirements. This will lead to significant savings on structural constructions.

High-quality components are essential for the maximum value of your products. Each component of the NWH Electric Wire Rope Hoists, from the drum to the wire rope, has been manufactured to the highest quality, ensuring excellent outputs.

Premium driving units ensure the safe and smooth operation of your NWH Electric Wire Rope Hoists. Through our compact structural design, these hoists also have minimal hook drifting.

Patented by Novocranes, the NOVOSTAR monitoring unit has various monitoring and protective functions, maintaining the crane’s safety and reliability during operation. This operating monitoring unit can record the hoist’s operation and even send error warnings in advance.

Throughout the entire product design, modularity is crucial for the standardisation and interchangeability of components. This will drastically decrease the maintenance costs of the NWH Electric Wire Rope Hoists. There is also a complete inventory of spare parts in case of repairs.


  • Double speed lifting motor with 1t – 32t standard variable lifting motor with 32t – 100t standard
  • Lifting electromagnetic disc brake and maintenance-free design
  • 380V/3pH/50Hz supply voltage
  • Control voltage 48V
  • Lifting limit switch
  • Variable frequency motor of trolley with the speed of 5 – 20m/min
  • IP55 grade protection of the electric motor and insulation Grade F
  • Lifting hook group with safety clasp
  • Suitable for environment temperatures of -20°C to +40°C

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