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We are an owned Australian company that specialises in designing, manufacturing, and supplying gantry crane, overhead crane, jib cranes, hoists, crane components, and other material handling products and services across the nation.

As one of the most reputed crane manufacturers in Adelaide, we are popular for providing heavy lifting solutions to all industrial applications for over 25 years. We are equipped enough to meet all your crane and material handling requirements. Whether it’s concept development, fabrication, supply, or installation, we have expertise in all.

Our focus remains on providing you with high-quality products and services that are reliable, safe, and improve your work site’s efficiency. We know you may require a crane for your specific needs. To ensure that our expert can provide what you need, we custom-built cranes for all our clients throughout the nation.

You can improve your company’s output with our highly efficient gantry cranes designed and manufactured to suit your industrial requirements. Modular Cranes is your one-stop solution for a quality design in crane system with in-house manufacturing and installation team, providing the latest solutions for your specific material handling needs.

Gantry cranes run along tracks or a set of rails and are mounted on legs. Due to their sturdy configuration, they are ideal for lifting some of the heaviest loads and are available in different sizes for various applications.

Our robust and high-quality gantry machines are suitable for all environment, both indoor and outdoor. They have different capacities and comes in many forms. Moreover, we offer limitless customisation for more flexible applications.

If you are looking for an innovative and dynamic overhead crane in Adelaide, then a Modular crane is your ideal destination. With expert in-house fabrication and experienced installation teams, we are servicing different industrial requirements throughout Australia.

Our industry-approved products and services are updated to meet your specific needs. Our emphasis remains on superior quality, commitment, and increased safety. Overhead cranes are one of our specialties, and they provide the best solution to all material handling requirements where manual handling is not possible.

They can be fitted with electrical chain hoists, electric wire rope hoist, or open winches and run on elevated runways. Being safer and faster alternatives, these cranes allow precise and quick material handling. With its use, you can utilise your floor space completely.

Modular Cranes manufactures and supplies a wide range of portal crane to cater to the need of your construction site and factory floors. Portal cranes are also known as gantry cranes and are mostly used for material handling in factories and construction worksites. Known for their outdoor use, they help maintain a smooth assembly process in the production section of an industrial unit.

Available in two different types, our superior quality, heavy-duty lifting machinery makes your daily routine tasks noticeably easier. You will have to choose between a single or double girder crane depending on the type of load-lifting you require for your worksites. We stock and supply both types of portal cranes with a variety of design and features.

Our lightweight, easily adjustable, foldable, and portable cranes are suitable for different loads and applications. Our portable lifting gantry is easy to assemble and can withstand the toughest of work sites. It is made of lightweight aluminium for excellent durability, strength, and corrosion-resistant property,

They are available in both moveable and static configurations with loading capacities ranging from 500 to 5000 kg. You can easily adjust their heights to lift different load sizes and can store them away when not in use.

Known for their versatility, they are suitable for various applications in various sectors, including construction, packaging, manufacturing, food handling, automotive, water treatment plant, and much more. You can count on us for all your portable lifting gantry needs irrespective of your business type.

We offer a wide selection of jib cranes with a load capacity of up to 3.2 tonnes. Known for their robust structure, versatility, and high performance, our cranes can be equipped with many manual and electrical chain hoists. We provide different installation options like mounting on a wall or on a column to create an ideal material handling solution that allows maximum space utilisation.

Our jib cranes are frequently in demand among our clients because of their stability, flexibility, and strength. They provide an ideal option for the workstation with simple loading and unloading operations. They are best for lifting goods to or from one material handling system, machine, or workstation for the repetitive process. These crane types don’t take up much space and complement traveling cranes used in an industrial plant.

We work closely with our clients to design, produce, and supply cranes depending on your specific need and budget. From complex custom-built cranes to standard wall-mounted jib cranes, we meet all the Australian industry requirements, emphasising quality and safety.

Our wide selection of K Class lifting equipment provides the best lifting and hoisting solutions for your workplace. We give a customise option to suit your workplace operations. Known for its versatility and superior performance, our specialty K Class range reduces manual load, save time and human resources by providing seamless heavy load moving that is more manageable.

Moreover, it is safe and cost-effective because it replaces all manual work and doesn’t require costly maintenance. Contact us to enquire more about our unique K Class lifting equipment.

We know that after-sale crane maintenance services are essential for proper crane functioning. Hence, we offer experience and skilled maintenance and servicing facilities nationwide. Our technicians will come to your workplace and provide you with maintenance, servicing, and repairs to ensure your crane’s safety and functionality.

We believe in building and maintaining a lasting relationship with all our customers. Our wide selection of maintenance and repair services will provide you with peace of mind at present as well as in the future.

Flex Radio Control Solutions

Do you want to upgrade your cranes from fixed pendant control to smart radio control but don’t know how? Contact Modular Cranes for the complete flex radio control solution. We provide a flex radio control system for upgrading your existing crane system.

We supply each of our crane radio control systems with a handset, a user’s manual, a pre-wired receiver with a cable, two nylon protective cases, a carrying strap, and a spare handset power key. Contact us today to know more about our product detail and installation service.

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