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Modular Cranes is the leading crane manufacturer in Perth and specialises in a range of hoists and lifting equipment. With over 25 years of experience in the crane industry, we provide our clients with advanced lifting solutions designed to improve your workspace’s overall functionality and create a hoisting process that suits all industrial applications. We design, manufacture, and supply a range of cranes for various industries and aim to meet all your handling requirements to a high standard. For all your lifting and hoisting needs, choose our team at Modular Cranes today.

At Modular Cranes, we manufacture gantry cranes for various construction and industrial worksites within Perth. Gantry cranes are perfect for material handling and lifting heavy loads. When it comes to lifting, hoisting, or transporting your goods, gantry cranes will ensure the process runs smoothly. At Modular Cranes, we offer single girder or double girder cranes to best suit your requirements. While the single girder is better suited to light loads, the double girder is stronger and can hold up to 100 tonnes at a time. When you’re looking for the best gantry cranes for your worksite projects, contact our team at Modular Cranes.

When an A-frame support structure such as a gantry crane isn’t strong enough to lift the heavy load for your project, then it may be better to invest in an overhead crane. An overhead crane is suspended from a building and runs along with a series of beams. As a sturdy and high-quality option for heavy-duty lifting and hoisting, an overhead gantry crane can be valuable in any industrial worksite. Additionally, if your business deals with raw materials, an overhead crane is perfect for transporting metals such as aluminium and copper. For more information on our range of overhead cranes, contact our team at Modular Cranes today.

A portal crane is a high-quality, heavy-duty lifting machine that can serve a range of developmental and industrial worksites. A portal crane is utilised for the space between the beam and the ground which is supported by the gantry and is mainly used for material handling and outdoor projects. However, they are also valuable in production lines and forming a smooth assembly process. At Modular Cranes, we provide two distinct types of portal cranes – single girder or double girder to best suit your lifting needs. To ensure easier daily processes and operations, choose from our range of quality portal cranes today.

Modular Cranes’ portable lifting gantry allows for an easy solution to lifting lighter loads. The crane’s portability means that it can move from one location to another seamlessly and without strenuous effort. This crane is best suited for companies that require moving goods from site to site, such as the manufacturing, packaging, food handling, and automotive industries. The portable crane comes in two main options – moveable or stationary, and our team at Modular Cranes can help you choose which model would be best for your worksite. It is easy to assemble and take apart, safe and easy to use and stored away when not in use.

Constructed with a horizontal beam and a moveable hoist, jib cranes are suitable for low-cost lifting or handling goods. These cranes are easy to install and be moved throughout the worksite whenever needed. At Modular Cranes, our jib cranes can be manually and electrically rotated and mounted to either the horizontal beam or a wall depending on what best suits your operation. We supply a wide range of jib cranes, including top braces wall-mounted jib cranes, under braced wall-mounted cranes, top braced free-standing, and under braced free standing. Contact us today, and our experts will help you find the best jib crane for you.

At Modular Cranes, we believe in getting the most out of our gantry cranes. Therefore, we have created a unique K Class lifting equipment range with standard features that our competitors would consider extras. We want to set the benchmark for excellence when it comes to lifting and hoisting equipment. Therefore, the K Class range combines safety and a wide range of operational features to help you get the job done perfectly, every time. Our lifting equipment guaranteed superior performance and enhanced functionality as well as efficiency and effectiveness. For more information, contact us today.

Ensuring your crane receives the proper servicing is integral to keeping your equipment working at its best and protecting your employees’ safety. Therefore, at Modular Cranes, we provide premium preventative crane maintenance to provide technology upgrades, end-of-life assessments, planned repairs, inspections, and much more. By choosing us for regular maintenance visits, we will identify and rectify any potential hazards before they become major problems. For crane maintenance that is cost-effective and highly organised, choose our team at Modular Cranes for your next scheduled maintenance appointment.

Flex Radio Control Solutions

Are you looking to upgrade your crane from fixed pendant control to smart radio control? At Modular Cranes, we offer flex radio control solutions as a way of upgrading your existing system into one that is more advanced and easier to use. With an ergonomic and lightweight design, the flex radio control safe and reliable and offers user-programmable channels. You can choose between the Flex 4 Series, Flex 8 Series, and Flex 12 Series – each with a different set of buttons and control systems. For more information on flex radio control, get in touch with us today.

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    At Modular Cranes, we offer a wide range of cranes for all your lifting and hoisting needs. Whether you are looking to lift light or heavy loads or find a better transporting system for moving your goods, we have the best solutions for your worksite. For more information on our products or services, contact us today or call us on 1300 663 8527. Alternatively, you can email us at [email protected] to get in touch with our friendly team of experts.

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