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Modular Cranes is a renowned manufacturer of overhead cranes, hoists and crane components. We are a leading name in the overhead crane industry with over 25 years of experience in making quality products.

We specialise in designing, manufacturing and supplying products like overhead cranes, underslung cranes, single girder cranes, double girder cranes, gantry cranes, semi gantry cranes, portal cranes, semi portal cranes, jib cranes, electric hoists, wire rope hoists, chain hoists, explosion-proof cranes, entertainment hoists, and more.

We also undertake the designing and manufacturing of customised overhead cranes and lifting equipment. If you are looking for Crane Supplier in Melbourne, Australia get in touch with us.

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Gantry Cranes

Gantry cranes are overhead cranes with single or double girder configurations supported by freestanding legs moving on wheels along a track or rail system. They are useful in places where an overhead runway system isn’t possible.

Gantry cranes are ideal for outdoor use. They don’t need to be tied to a building’s support structure, which means they require no permanent runway beams and support columns. Hence, they are considered a cost-effective solution in comparison to products like bridge crane.

Gantry cranes are primarily used in heavy fabrication applications as well as in certain types of outdoor yards.

Modular Cranes is a proud manufacturer and supplier of durable gantry cranes in Melbourne!

We make top-quality gantry cranes that meet the needs and requirements of our clients. Our products are supplied to many businesses and construction and development sites within the nation.

Overhead Cranes

Overhead cranes are helpful for factories where manual handling of heavy good isn’t possible. At Modular Cranes, we undertake the designing and manufacturing of high-quality overhead cranes that can easily lift up to 100 tonnes of weight.

There are mainly two types of overhead crane – Single Girder Electric Overhead Travelling (EOT) Crane and Double Girder Crane.

We specialise in making both types of overhead cranes at affordable pricing.

Types Of Overhead Cranes

Single Girder Electric Overhead Travelling (EOT) Cranes are remote- or radio-controlled cranes ideal for use in most factories and worksites. Some of these cranes can also be activated through the pendant on the crane.

Double Girder Cranes have two bridges joint to Bogie type end carriages to minimise wheel loads on building structure. These cranes offer a better hook lift in comparison to single girder cranes.

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    Gantry Cranes are committed to providing a complete level of service for our customers. Contact us by calling 1300 663 8527 today for more information about our equipment and services.

    Portal Cranes

    We expertise in designing and manufacturing portal cranes, ideal for use on construction or development sites. Portal cranes, also known as gantry cranes, are mainly used for handling materials outdoor.

    We deal in two types of portal cranes, including Single Girder and Double Girder.

    If you want a crane that can hold a weight of up to 20 tonnes, you can opt for Single Girder Portal Cranes. However, if you want a crane to move good of up to 100 tonnes, it is best to go for Double Girder Cranes.

    High-quality portal cranes are a must in many factories. At Modular Cranes, we undertake the manufacturing of high-grade portal cranes that are extremely useful for various tasks at various factories.

    Portable Cranes

    Portable cranes are lightweight gantry cranes that can be easily moved from one location to the other. Though they are light in weight, they aren’t fragile. At Modular Cranes, we manufacture high-grade portable cranes sturdy enough to serve your light material handling needs for years. Our portable cranes are made of premium-quality aluminium and perfect for use on construction sites, manufacturing sites, packaging sites, etc.

    Why Choose Our Portable Cranes?

    Our portable cranes offer versatile use and are:

    • Easy to assemble
    • Safe to use
    • Convenient to store

    Jib Cranes

    Jib Cranes are ideal for factories that require low-cost handling of goods. Designed with a horizontal beam that swings with a moveable hoist, these cranes are convenient to install and use. Moreover, you can quickly move this type of cranes from one work area to the other.

    We Are The Jib Crane Manufacturing Experts

    If your factory requires a cost-efficient solution for handling heavy goods, it is best to go for our Jib cranes. We design and manufacture Jib cranes as per your needs and requirements. Though our cranes are a cost-effective addition to your factories, they are durable enough to handle loads of up to 3.2 tonnes.


    Our K Class range of lifting equipment is ideal for factories and construction sites requiring products with advanced safety and operational functions but is priced reasonably.

    With our K Class range, you get some basic features and some advanced features that are usually optional extras with other brands. Some of the benefits our products offer are step-less speed control on cross travel motion and long travel motion, data logging, and safety monitoring device, hoist overload device, hook operated safety limit switch, fall protection for long travel drives, flashing light, horn, handheld remote-control system, and more.

    We Guarantee Safety With Our K-Class Range

    When we manufacture our lifting equipment, we take appropriate measures to ensure the product is safe for use. Our focus is on making a product that is efficient and effective but, at the same time, safe too. When you pick a product from our K Class Range or any other machinery, you can ensure its quality, make, and safety.

    Crane Maintenance

    Like we focus on the sale of our products, we pay attention to our after-sale service.
    We have a team of service technicians who visit client sites regularly to take the necessary steps to maintain, service and repair the cranes. With regular crane maintenance visits, our team ensures your crane stays safe and functional for a long.

    Count on us for additional services like:

    • Technology upgrades
    • Regular maintenance visits
    • End of life assessments
    • Inspections
    • Planned repairs
    • Call out services
    • Remote controller repairs

    Flex Radio Control Solutions

    We also provide Flex radio control solutions. These solutions are either included in your packages or are sold separately for upgrading your existing system. If you want to upgrade your cranes from the fixed pendant control to smart radio control, you can contact us.
    We offer multiple Flex Radio Control Solutions for you to choose from. You can pick from our Flex 4 series, Flex 8 series or Flex 12 series.

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    To know more about our gantry cranes or overhead cranes or the services we offer, call us on 1300 663 8527 or fill in the enquiry form on our website.

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