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N Class Electric Hoists

When it comes to lifting and lowering heavy loads within an industrial environment, it is essential that high-quality, reliable hoists are being used. For optimal safety and control, choose from our N Class hoisting equipment. With two distinct hoisting options – the NWH Electric Wire Rope Hoist or the NCH Electric Chain Hoist, our equipment guarantees easy, hassle-free lifting for all weight capacities. Our N Class Series of hoisting equipment contains standard features that our competitors often offer as optional extras. Truly setting the benchmark for excellence to which our competitors aspire to meet, the N Class Series delivers genuine value for money through a winning combination of safety and operational features.

NWH Electric Wire Rope Hoists

The NWH Electric Rope Hoist is compactly designed to provide reliable and effective lifting. With the capacity to cover larger working areas, these electric wire rope hoists can be readily utilised throughout most of your worksite – hence, increasing operational flow and decreasing any dead zones. The NWH Electric Wire Rope Hoist is lightweight but highly versatile as it is an ideal solution for all lifting requirements. Whether you are working with heavy loads or smaller materials, the NWH Electric Wire Rope Hoist has a lifting capacity between 1–100 tonnes. Designed by Novocranes for increased safety and reduced operational costs, the NWH Electric Wire Hoist is perfect for all high-precision lifting needs.

Product advantages

  • Accumulation and innovation
  • Compact structure and excellent performance
  • Efficient transmission and power source
  • Complete safe and incredibly reliable

NCH Electric Chain Hoists

The NCH Electric Chain Hoist by Novocranes includes a modular design for flexible usage and increased performance. At Gantry Crane, we recommend an NCH Electric Chain Hoist as the perfect solution for lifting and suspending loads within a smaller environment as the system has a lifting capacity of 500kg-2 tonnes. The NCH electric hoist contains a chain that is abrasion and corrosion resistant, full-strength, and made with alloy steel to provide a completely safe, high-performing hoisting system. These electric chain hoists are the perfect solution for improving operating performance and reducing overall maintenance costs.

Product advantages

  • Simple design
  • Enclosed body
  • Die-cast aluminium shell
  • Lightweight
  • Efficient motor and transmitter
  • Maintenance-free design
  • Extended service life
  • Safe and reliable
  • Improves operational efficiency

Electric Hoists: Chain vs Rope

Whether you choose an electric hoist with a chain or rope will depend on a variety of factors. This includes considerations such as how heavy your loads are, how your lifting will take place, and what the environment is like. If lifting heavier loads or objects, a wire rope hoist is the best option. This is because electric wire rope hoists are suitable for longer lift heights and higher capacities. Alternatively, chain hoists are an ideal solution for lifting lighter loads within smaller environments. As the hoist is lightweight and compact, they are easy to use and require lower maintenance while ensuring high-performing lifting operations.

At Gantry Crane, we believe that there are three main aspects to consider when deciding on which electric hoist to install into your worksite, these are:

Our new N Class Series provides our customers with both electric hoist options. However, our team of experts will help you understand which design is best suited for your industrial lifting applications. For more information on deciding between the two systems, contact us today.

Electric Hoist Winches

In conjunction with our N Class Series of electric hoists, we also offer our customers electric hoist winches. A winch is a mechanical device most commonly used to lift, pull, or position heavy loads. Electric winches are widely popular within the landscaping, power, and telecommunications industries as they are typically mounted to either the front or rear of a vehicle and powered by its electrical system. They are also a suitable option for an environmentally friendly lifting alternative as they emit zero emissions. Hence, depending on your weight capacity and day to day operations, our team at Gantry Crane will help you find the best electric hoist winch for your lifting requirements.

Electric Lifting Hoist

With superior performance, functionality, and safety, the N Class Series of electric lifting hoists are the perfect companions to even the most complex lifting systems. We value safety, efficiency, and effectiveness, and therefore, our N Class Series and electric lifting hoists are designed to result in a smoother running workplace.

Contact Us Today

For the best electric hoists on the market, choose our team at Gantry Crane to find the most suitable solutions for your industrial worksite. For more information on our N Class Series and electric hoists, contact our team today or call us on 1300 663 8527.

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