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Need a portal crane for your construction or development site, or perhaps for your factory floor? Discover the range available for purchase at Modular Cranes. Also known as gantry cranes, portal cranes are named after the space between the beam and the ground that is straddled by the gantry. While a portal crane is used mostly for material handling and outdoor use, it also enjoys widespread factory use – especially in production line scenarios where they help to maintain a smooth assembly process.

Modular Cranes provides high-quality, heavy duty lifting machinery to factories and construction / development worksites across Australia. No matter why you need a portal crane to get the job done, find out how we can help you.


Make Light Work of Hard Tasks with Quality Portal Crane Features

We all want to make the daily routines and tasks of our work noticeably easier, and the portal crane range from Modular Cranes makes this possible through a variety of great design features. The portal crane boasts a two-legged A-frame support that remains in a fixed location. This means that any stock to be moved or transported must be within the crane’s ‘operating area’, a space in which the crane can operate left and right, back and forth. Additional features include cantilevers and a projection structure at one end which is used for transporting a load beyond the gantry support structure.

Choose Between a Single Girder or Double Girder Portal Crane

There are two distinct types of portal cranes to choose from – decide between the single girder and the double girder portal crane. Modular Cranes offers both options for sale.

When selecting the best choice for your factory or your worksite, it’s imperative to research your options first to determine whether the single or double girder crane best meets your needs. For example, the single girder crane is best suited to lighter loads up to 20 tonnes and is supported by a single beam. Lifting tasks on a single girder portal crane usually take no more than 6 hours. On the other hand, if you need to move loads up to 100 tonnes at a time over an 8+ hour stretch, then the improved strength and stability of the double girder portal crane will make this possible.

If you’re looking to buy from one of Australia’s leading portal crane suppliers, discover the range available from Modular Cranes today.

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